UVBC Pastor of Family Ministries


YOUR PURPOSE:  To assist the Senior Pastor in leading the church congregation and others into a growing/loving/dependent relationship with Jesus Christ; and overseeing the various ministries and outreaches of the church family with an emphasis on the areas directly related to young people and their families.



Reports to the Senior Pastor



  1. Develop a pastoral relationship with youth and their parents for the purpose of discipleship and spiritual               growth.
  2. Oversee the total Christian Education ministry of the church to include the Adult Sunday School programs.
  3. Develop and train Christian Education staff.
  4. To assist the Senior Pastor with the day to day activities of the church office and ministry.
  5. To lead a Bible study class and to preach at regularly scheduled times; determined by

           you and the Senior Pastor.

  1. Assist the Senior Pastor with Visitations, Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals as needed.



  1. Effective communication: able to articulate well what needs to be done to accomplish and meet our

           church’s vision and mission statement.  Able to provide honest advice and evaluations.

  1. Leadership: models servant leadership through a willingness to do whatever is needed along with advising and     counseling volunteers to be accountable and committed in their area of service.  
  2. Organizational skills: able to prioritize responsibilities and efforts.
  3. Teamwork: exemplifies spiritual servitude and insight in moments of decision-making to help with

           the importance of the whole church family. 

  1. Maintain a regular office schedule.



The same as the Senior Pastor; those mentioned in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:7-9.



  • Christian faith: a growing believer, who is open to being taught, and willing to embrace the fullness of the grace        message and challenged to teach the breadth of God’s revelation as found in Scripture.
  • Spiritual gifts: Administration, leadership, teaching.
  • Passion: a desire to see believers acknowledging and utilizing their spiritual gifts in ministry and service.
  • Skills: organization, self-motivation, good written/verbal communication skills; cooperative spirit, compassion.
  • Education: Bachelor’s or Advanced degree in related field.
  • Weekly Time Commitment: Full-time.