Ladies Fall Study
Tuesday morning is at 9:30 am
Wednesday evening is at 6:45 pm
It’s time to sign-up for our Fall Ladies Bible Study!  We will be studying the book of Proverbs.  The study is called, “Pearls From Proverbs”.  Valerie Wilson is the author and she is a Christian educator who is active in children’s and women’s ministries in her church.  She has been involved in editorial and conference ministries for many years.
Some of the studies topics are:  friendship, a happy home, wholesome speech and money management.  This study DOES NOT use a DVD.  
If you are interested in signing up for either Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening please call the church office at 620.663.9000.  Deadline to sign-up is August 21, so we can get the books ordered.  Cost of a book is $10 each.  Hopefully we will be starting after Labor Day (depends on our remodeling project).
Hope you can join us for this to learn how you can “wear” these pearls of Proverbs!