Ladies Winter Bible Study
Tuesday morning’s at 9:30 am
Wednesday evening’s at 6:45 pm
It’s time to sign-up for our Winter Ladies Bible Study!

You probably wouldn’t say you love someone you don’t know. As you get to know his or her character traits and personality more, that love (and even respect) can grow exponentially. This new Bible study by Juanita Purcell will help you learn 10 attributes, or characteristics, of God and what they mean for believers:

  • His Triunity
  • His Sovereignty
  • His Holiness
  • His Omnipotence
  • His Omniscience
  • His Omnipresence
  • His Immutability
  • His Mercy
  • His Faithfulness
  • His Goodness

As you learn more about God’s characteristics, you will discover that He is the king eternal, Who deserves total respect, love, and obedience. Let knowing Him better change you.

If you are interested in signing up for either Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening please call the church office at 620.663.9000.  Deadline to sign-up is December 18, this is so we can get the books ordered.  Cost of a book is $10 each.  Tuesday’s class will start on January 3, 2023 and the Wednesday evening class will start on January 4, 2023.
Juanita Purcell and her husband, J. O., were in pastoral ministry over 50 years, serving at three churches. Juanita and J. O. are now retired and live in Lakeland, Florida, where their three adult sons and most of their 10 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren live. She is author of 15 other women’s studies. She has also written Women’s Ministries Handbook and two devotionals.